Professional Wet Cleaning

The toughest stain to remove from a "dry clean only" garment is a water soluble stain (food, drink, perspiration etc...). Dry cleaning is excellent for removing oil based stains (grease, fats, and waxes) from your garments but not as effective in removing water soluable stains. Our solution to this dilemma is to provide our customers with professional wet cleaning services. Consider these features and benefits:

It is a compliment to dry cleaning

Dry cleaning tackles oil-based stains; wet cleaning tackles water-based stains.

It is environmentally friendly

We use only water, detergent and softener.

It is gentle but effective

Excellent stain removal yet still ensures the shape, feel and colors of your garments.

Keep in mind, it is important that when using water to clean "dry clean only" garments that it is done professionally. Whether it is a summer weight silk blouse or a winter weight cashmere coat, our wet cleaning technology combines just the right amount of agitation, temperature, detergent and conditioners to preserve the shape, feel and colors of "dry clean only" garments while removing those stubborn water soluble stains.

Having both dry cleaning and wet cleaning capabilities ensures that Medlin-Davis gives your garments the best cleaning solution no matter the garment fabric or stain. Give your garments the expert attention they deserve by bringing them to Medlin-Davis Cleaners.

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